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It has been a long while since a new post appeared on our site. We have undergone some growing pains resulting in changes in our membership. We are still active in the community, but to a lesser degree. We are still rescuing and adopting out our furry and feathered rescues at Petco Viera and PetSmart Melbourne every weekend. Please stop by and say “Hello” and meet some of our fosters.

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  1. felicita cruz


    Hello I am hoping that some one can help me and a small colonie of cats that has been cared for by me and SPCA Food once a month and meds by a Spca lady named Bonnie and Martha, Cats are tamed and been around my other dogs and cats even mybirds finches, they undestan No no get down would mean in a firm way … this las month of July 2014 have had attcks from pitbulls hunting and killing over 11 of the cats that i have found a few took pictures of the dead cats made a report on the owners but could not take them to court due to gang related issue i cant put my family at risk … i have 8 adult cats and three kittens about 4 month all have been fixed nueter / spayed just want help in finding homes I’m hoping to get help for these cats Before my Lease is up on march 1st of 2015 even a few cats at a time My friend is willing to drive me and cats to any destination with in florida. Thank you for taking the Time to read this note a Blessing to all

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